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Easy Mini Quiche Recipe | Sustainable Cooks

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Perfect for make-ahead breakfasts or hors d’oeuvres, these Mini Quiche are always a hit! Easy to make and freeze, bake these delicious muffin tin quiche and store them in your freezer for months.

three mini quiche appetizers on a plate with tomatoes and herbsthree mini quiche appetizers on a plate with tomatoes and herbs

A freezer full of make-ahead quiche is perfect for fast breakfasts, dinners, or even a quick snack. And even better, you can add whatever you want to the quiche, or mix and match to make everyone in the family happy.

If you’re looking for a larger version of this recipe, check out our Ham and Swiss Quiche.


This recipe uses:

  • Pie crust – storebought or homemade will work
  • Eggs
  • Half-an-half (see notes about using cream or milk)
  • Dried dillweed
  • All-purpose flour
  • The add-ins of your choosing: ham, bacon, veggies, cheese, etc.

How to Make Mini Quiche

*I’ll walk you through it here with some photos and tips, and you’ll also find a printable recipe card at the bottom of the post with exact measurements, etc. You can also click “jump to recipe” to skip down.

Start by spraying muffin tins with non-stick cooking spray. Be generous with the spray! Pro tip: to make transferring everything to the oven easier, place the muffin tins on baking sheets.

Next up, roll the pie crust out to 1/8 inch, and then use a floured biscuit cutter, metal measuring cup, or a drinking glass to punch out circles in the dough. Combine and reroll the scraps and repeat until all the dough has been used.

a glass making circles in pie crust.a glass making circles in pie crust.

Place the dough circles into the muffin tins. Place your favorite add-ins in the bottom of each cup. You do not need to blind bake the crust.

In a medium mixing bowl (this one has a spout, which makes pouring easier), combine: eggs, half-an-half, dill, sea salt, and the flour. Whisk well, or use an immersion blender to make sure everything is well combined.

For normal-sized muffin pans, add about 1/4 cup of the egg mixture to each cup. For mini-muffin tins, start with 2-3 tsp of the egg mixture and adjust if needed.

3 photos showing mini quiche appetizers being cooked3 photos showing mini quiche appetizers being cooked

Carefully place the muffin tins in the oven and bake until firm, ~25 minutes. If you’d like to add grated cheese on top of the quiche, sprinkle it on after 15 minutes in the oven.

Allow the mini quiche to cool in the muffin tins for 10 minutes, and then use a butter knife or offset spatula to carefully remove them.

How to Store and Reheat

Storing Leftovers: Store cooled leftover mini quiche in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. To prevent condensation from ruining the crust, allow them to fully cool before you put the lid on.

Reheating Leftovers: You can reheat them in the air fryer at 350°F for 2-3 minutes. Alternatively, you can place the quiche on a baking sheet and heat them in a 350°F oven for about 10 minutes, or until warmed through. A quick 30-45 seconds in the microwave also works.

They can also be served cold or at room temperature for up to two hours.

Freezing Leftovers: Make and bake the recipe as noted below. Remove from pan to cool. Once fully cooled, you can place the muffin tin quiches on a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment or waxed paper.

Allow them to freeze fully (about 3-4 hours) and then transfer them to freezer-safe storage. They will keep in the freezer for up to six months. For more details, check out our post on How to Freeze Quiche.

Frequently asked questions

What size muffin tin should I use?

This recipe makes 48 mini quiches using a regular-sized muffin tin. It will make ~65 quiches if using a mini muffin tin. The baking time will remain the same for mini or regular-sized muffin tins.

For regular muffin tins, I used a glass that was 3.5 inches wide. For mini muffin tins, use a biscuit cutter or glass that is 2.5 inches wide.

What kind of pie crust should I use?

Homemade or storebought is fine for making mini quiche. This recipe makes A LOT of quiche, and would need enough crust for two 9-inch pie crusts, both top and bottom crusts.

If you’re in a country outside of the United States, what I am referring to as pie crusts is usually referred to as a “short crust”.

Do I need to blind bake the crust?

Nope, you do not need to blind bake/parbake the crust when making these quiche.

Can I use phyllo dough?

Yes, you can use phyllo dough. You’ll want to stack 3-4 sheets on top of each other, oiling the sheets, before punching out the dough to fit into the muffin tins.

Can I make mini crustless quiche?

Yes, you can skip the dough in this recipe.

You’ll add everything directly to the muffin tins. You will need to make sure they are very well greased with non-stick spray. If you have a silicone muffin tin, that would work better than metal.

Alternatively, you could make our Instant Pot Egg Bites which are naturally gluten-free.

What is half-and-half?

This is a dairy product that can be found in the United States. It is made up of half heavy cream, and half whole milk.

Pro Tips/Recipe Notes

  • Any “wet” veggies like mushrooms, onions, or zucchini work best if they’re sauteed before adding to the mixture. If you use frozen veggies, they must be thawed, drained, and chopped before being added.
  • Any meat you add must be precooked.
  • You do not need to prebake the pie crust.
  • If you need a pie crust recommendation, I make an all-butter version of this one.

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muffin tin quiche on a plate with tomatoes and parsleymuffin tin quiche on a plate with tomatoes and parsley

Prevent your screen from going dark

  • Preheat oven to 350˚F degrees.

  • Roll pie crust to 1/8 of an inch. Using a biscuit cutter or drinking glass dipped in flour, punch out circles in the pie crust. Reroll the scraps and repeat until all dough has been used.

    pie crust

  • Place dough into well-greased muffin tins.

  • Add in mix-ins (cheese, cooked meat, veggies, etc.).

  • Whisk eggs, flour, dill, sea salt, and half-and-half together. Pro tip: I often use an immersion blender to make sure it is thoroughly combined.

    10 eggs,3.5 cups half-and-half,1 tsp sea salt,4 tbsp all-purpose flour,1/2 tsp dried dill

  • Add ~ 1/4 cup of egg mixture to each mini quiche cup for a regular-sized muffin tin or 2-3 tsp for mini muffin tins.

  • Bake for 25 minutes or until the middle of the quiche is firm. If you want to add cheese on top, sprinkle it on the top of each quiche after baking for 15 minutes.

  • Allow the finished quiche to cool for 10 minutes in the tins.

  • Use a knife to gently loosen the edges of the crust in the muffin tin. Remove and place on a baking/cooling rack to cool completely before storing.

  1. The baking time will remain the same for mini or regular-sized muffin tins.
  2. Half-and-half is a dairy product that can be found in the United States. It is made up of half heavy cream, and half whole milk.

Serving:1quicheCalories:179kcalCarbohydrates:10gProtein:6gFat:12gSaturated Fat:5gCholesterol:130mgSodium:266mgPotassium:128mgFiber:0gSugar:0gVitamin A:360IUVitamin C:0.5mgCalcium:78mgIron:1mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.



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