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Coursera Launches Course Builder: Organizations Can Now Quickly Create and Launch Custom Courses at Scale

By Shravan Goli

In a fast-changing market, organizations will need to create, update, and deploy learning resources that keep pace with the rate of change. We’re excited to launch Coursera Course Builder, an AI-assisted authoring tool that enables any business, government, or campus customer to easily and quickly produce custom private courses at scale.

Based on a few simple inputs from a human author, the tool auto-generates course content including outlines, descriptions, and learning objectives, dramatically reducing the time and cost of content production without sacrificing quality. Authors can seamlessly blend modules from participating world-class industry and academic partners on Coursera with content from experts in their own organization.

With step-by-step guidance, authors can:

  • Develop new private courses, tailored to specific needs and available only to their learners
  • Review relevant content from Coursera’s catalog with AI-assisted recommendations
  • Blend expert items or modules from participating Coursera Partners into a custom course
  • Add custom university or organization-specific content alongside experts from Coursera’s catalog
  • Build assessments with editable AI-generated questions
The author can quickly generate the course outline and review recommended content.

Private andpublic sector employerscan quickly create and launch organization-specific courses tailored to their unique needs, making employee learning more relevant and productive. L&D teams can combine world-class content from leading industry and academic experts with relevant business context, use cases, and internal expertise. They can also tailor core learning resources for specific career levels and job roles.

“Course Builder allowed us to quickly create custom courses for our Trade team on data analysis and decision making that incorporated both our own private content and material from leading industry experts on Coursera,” said Trina Lima, Global Learning Strategy Lead at Sanofi. “We saw course enrollments surge within the Trade team as a result of this personalized approach, which motivated us to extend access to the AI-assisted authoring tool for L&D leaders to adapt training for specific teams across the organizations.”

For higher education institutions, time-saving authoring tools can empower faculty to create custom courses and keep learning resources relevant and up-to-date at the speed and scale students and employers now expect. It can also help to bridge curriculum gaps by adding guest lectures and context to university courses.

“We have a remarkable opportunity to innovate in our blended master’s programs by using Coursera’s cutting-edge technology, specifically Course Builder,” said Jessica Vlasica, Manager of Learning Environment Design, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). “This integration streamlines curriculum design, enriches students’ educational journey with content from world-class experts, and equips them with the skills needed to tackle global challenges, affirming our commitment to innovation and academic excellence.”

To learn more about how to get started with Course Builder, visit our websites: 



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