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Welcome to the NEW (looking) Frugalwoods!

Welcome to the NEW (looking) Frugalwoods!

As you may have noticed, things look different around here! Turns out, there’ve been some advancements in web design in the nine years since I started Frugalwoods. No one will be surprised to hear that the old website was looking a bit, well, old. And so, I hired an incredible designer who created a brand new look for good old Frugalwoods! I also hired a–GASP–professional photographer to come to my house and take my picture since, unsurprisingly, I too have changed quite a bit in the intervening nine years. Nothing worse than a headshot that looks like it was taken nine years ago… I’m very happy to have new photos that actually look like what I look like now, at age 39. Words you never want to hear “you look NOTHING like your headshot.” Ahem. Moving on…

While the site looks a lot different, the core elements remain unchanged:

  • The blog is still here–its just not the sole focus of the home page anymore
  • The blog archive is also still here–all 734 posts dating back to blog post #1 written on April 9, 2014
  • There’s a new section about my Financial Consulting business, which makes it a lot easier (I hope) to hire me
  • I have BUTTONS now, like this one:

Hire Liz To Help You With Your $$$

  • There’s a very handy–and quite dandy–place to sign-up for the FREE Uber Frugal Month challenge, which you can do at any time

This transition to the new site is also why I didn’t post much in the last month.

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