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Mohammed Zahr: from construction grit to mortgage wit

Mohammed Zahr: from construction grit to mortgage wit | Australian Broker News

Zahr goes from hard hats to finance charts

Mohammed Zahr: from construction grit to mortgage wit

At 25, Mohammed Zahr stood at a career crossroads. Working in the construction industry as a labourer, he yearned for a vocation that offered both fulfillment and challenge.

“I was 25 at the time, and working in construction as a labourer,” Zahr (pictured above) says. “I spent my weekends studying the industry, learning about property, and increasing my knowledge on finance.”

His dedication set the stage for a career change that would see him dive headfirst into the world of mortgage broking by 2022.

A new chapter begins

Zahr’s path to becoming a mortgage broker was not without its hesitations. An early opportunity to enter the field was postponed due to personal reasons, despite clear signs he was meant for the profession.

“The interviewer simply said, ‘Broking is for you,’” he says.

It wasn’t until a year later, in April 2022, that he began his career as a broker support officer, quickly realising this was his true passion.

“Two weeks into the role, I knew it was the job for me,” he says.

Embracing digital innovation

For Zahr, the most significant advancement in the mortgage industry has been the digitalisation of client interactions.

“The most positive development has definitely been the flexibility to access information and interact with clients digitally,” he says.

This shift has been particularly beneficial for time-poor clients, including first-home buyers from Generation Z. Zahr sees digitalisation not as a replacement for personal interaction but as an invaluable tool for enhancing the client experience.

“The face-to-face relationship will always be crucial, but having some parts of the process partly or fully digital is a game-changer,” he says.

Overcoming industry challenges

Zahr acknowledges the potential challenges AI presents to the personal connection between broker and client. However, he views these challenges as opportunities for innovation.

“Many are racing to work a solution for AI financing, however, I believe the best way to tackle this is to use AI to your advantage,” he says, advocating for a balanced approach that leverages technology to benefit both clients and brokers.

Growth through communication

Transitioning from construction to a profession that heavily relies on networking and communication was not easy for Zahr, particularly as an introvert. He tackled this challenge by focusing on improving his communication skills.

“Coming from the construction industry, I was never a networking professional,” he says. “What I once feared, became my side passion. Communication is one of the biggest skills I have adopted that got me to where I am.”

Words of wisdom for aspiring brokers

Zahr offers straightforward advice for those looking to enter the broking field: “Start, and don’t wait for the perfect time.”

He emphasises the importance of communication and building a personal brand from the outset. Reflecting on his own journey, he encourages patience and persistence, highlighting the incremental wins that pave the way to success.

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