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Resilience In Real Estate Financing

Navigating the mortgage process in the dynamic landscape of real estate investment, can be a challenging endeavor. Benjamin Kaziyev, a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) at MortgageDepot, recently faced unique obstacles while working with an investor client in Dallas, TX. The client’s profile, the property type, and the mortgage structure added complexity to the transaction, requiring innovative solutions to overcome the hurdles encountered.

The client was a seasoned investor looking to secure financing for a property located in Dallas, TX, a vibrant real estate market. However, the complexity arose from the property being held within a nested Limited Liability Company (LLC). This added layer presented challenges that required careful consideration and adept handling. The chosen mortgage for this scenario was a Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan. DSCR loans are commonly preferred by investors as they focus on the property’s ability to generate income, making them ideal for commercial properties or investment ventures.

The lending team initially proved unresponsive, causing delays and frustration. Additionally, the title company requested supplementary documents that the lender did not require, further complicating the situation. To address the challenges, Benjamin and his client took proactive measures. Recognizing the impediments caused by the nested LLC, the client filed an amendment to change the property’s ownership structure from the LLC to individual names. This strategic move aimed to simplify the mortgage process and align it with the lender’s requirements. The combined efforts of the client and Benjamin resulted in a positive outcome. The property’s ownership structure was successfully amended, aligning with the lender’s criteria. Despite the initial delays caused by the title company’s requests for unnecessary documents, the loan closed with the bank.

This success story exemplifies the importance of adaptability and proactive problem-solving in the real estate financing realm. Benjamin Kaziyev’s client faced challenges that required outside-the-box thinking, and the collaborative efforts resulted in a successful closing. MortgageDepot, through the expertise of its MLOs, continues to showcase its commitment to navigating complexities and delivering tailored solutions for real estate investors in diverse markets.



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