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Beware of allegation of breach of copyright – Prof. Allan Manning’s Blog

Beware of allegation of breach of copyright

Beware of allegation of breach of copyright

Earlier this week LMI received a contact us message from our website claiming that a photograph or photographs on our website were subject to copywrite.

LMI have a strict rule around the publishing of photographs and we only use photos one of our team took, a customer or broker we know and trust took and gave us permission to use or stock photographs from a stock photograph company we have subscribed to for over 20 years.

This is the message we received:

Goodwin Law does appear to be a genuine firm with offices in several countries according to a Google search but to be sure I sent the message to the head of LMI Cyber Security and he came back saying he believed it to be a scam but would check it to be sure.

He came back yesterday saying that he agreed it was likely to be a scam out of Russia. I attach a screen shot of the report he provided.

I share this with readers and their customers and friends to remind them to be very careful on what you click and that if you do not have cyber insurance coverage already, you really need to consider it.

Speak with your local broker for the best product to best protect yourself.

Having handled several claims in this space, it is clear to me that a company can have the very best practices and procedures in place. The weakest link is human error. If someone was in a rush, was not thinking for a second they may have clicked on the link and ……



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