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What Is Ordinance & Law Coverage

A standard Insurance policy will pay to replace any damage with like kind and quality of what you had previously thus bringing you back to pre-loss condition, but only if the building codes (ordinances & laws) do not require a better/upgrade of what you had before.

Here are a few examples of how you can be majorly out of pocket for repairs if you do not carry Ordinance & Law insurance coverage.

Example 1
If your building does not have hurricane shutters or hurricane windows and the code in your area requires them, the ordinance & law portion of your policy will cover the additional cost required to install them as your insurance policy will only pay to replace your original windows(which are not up to code anymore) but will not pay the increased cost for new hurricane windows or hurricane shutters.

Another example could be if the house was built in the 70’s meaning the electrical wiring is outdated and evidently not up to code. If you then have a roof leak that stains or damages your ceiling leading you to open the ceiling to do repairs. If while doing the repairs the faulty wiring was discovered code will force you to rewire the entire house making what seemed like a simple repair now a big electrical overhaul.



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