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Choosing Tech Solutions for CX Training

Customer Experience (CX) is a critical facet of your customer care. Your brand wants to make the experience of interacting with your product as smooth and pleasant for your customers as it possibly can be. Your CX team shoulders that responsibility. They nurture the customer through their post-sales journey, they help solve problems customers can’t solve on their own, and they build your brand’s relationship with each customer.

It’s not an easy job, however; 60% of service professionals say customer expectations increased during the last few years. According to reports, 83% of clients expect to interact with a live human being immediately when they get in touch with your organization and 73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. Being able to think on their feet and address all customers with the same level of knowledge and care can be draining. Customer service is notorious for being a high burnout job. According to the Harvard Business Review, the average call center turnover rate is as high as 45%, about twice the rate of other jobs.

Training can help support your CX team, by giving them access to the tools they need to do their jobs with less friction; in turn, technology can ultimately help CX teams nurture your customers more easily.

The unique challenges of CX training

Training for CX is similar to other kinds of training: sales, marketing, and product training all share some content with CX training. However, while CX training does overlap with those three other disciplines, it is also a discipline unto itself. The elements that make CX unique are ones that learning leaders and HR teams should pay attention to when choosing training technologies and tools.

Your CX team is in constant contact with your customers

Unlike the sales team, whose contact with the customer ends after closing, your CX team is responsible for guiding your customers throughout their time with your brand. Because they are in constant contact with your customers, it’s important that CX teams are trained in ways that help them communicate consistently across several channels: email, phone, live chat, and social media.

The CX team is also a leg of your sales team

Your CX team must be more aware of the post-sales customer journey than other teams. They need to be aware of customer pain points, and know how to provide product support, no matter what problem the customer is facing. However, they also need some sales training; it’s the CX team’s job to upsell customers when appropriate and to ensure that customers renew their subscriptions.

The CX team is using unique tools

Your CX team must master the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform they use. CRMs allow your team to keep in contact with customers across multiple channels while offering personalized support to each customer.

When you’re training your team, you should look for technology that supports all these unique needs.

Types of tech solutions for CX training

There is a wide variety of training technology available, many of which integrate with one another. In fact, all your tech solutions should be centralized in one platform: the LMS.

Learning management systems (LMSs)

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online platform for delivering, tracking, and managing learning and training programs. It is a centralized system that enables organizations to create, deliver, and track learning content, as well as manage learner progress, assessments, and certifications.

Enablement platforms

Enablement is the process of providing your team with the information, content and tools that help them do their jobs more effectively. Your CX team needs to be able to find the documents and data that will help them answer customer questions quickly and easily, even if they’ve never had to answer a particular question before.

Analytics and reporting tools

Analytics tools track metrics around sales and can help your team track the performance of CX reps when it’s time to renew subscriptions, seeing the gaps in knowledge that should be addressed with L&D content.

Choosing the right tech solution for your CX team

Your CX team does a lot for your organization, so any training solution you choose should take the pressure off your team. It should provide robust support so that your CX team can focus on your customers, not on software issues. Here are some key characteristics to look for in training technology:


Your solution should be easy to use. Overly complex solutions are a barrier for learners. Training technology should be easy to use, accessible, and easy to implement. It should integrate with existing solutions and be easy for you as well, so you can track metrics and update content.


Your CX team often has to think on their feet when handling customer questions and complaints. Look for a solution that offers interactive simulations of chats and calls so your team can practice conversations, and so your managers can oversee the training. However, be careful when it comes to interactive experiences: you don’t want to get so carried away with activities that the information your team may need to reference in the future is buried in an exercise.


Because your CX team needs to be able to answer questions, it’s important that training information is easy to find whenever your team needs it. This means the solution should be able to store information, and that your CX team can easily search that information in the future.

CX supports your customers… and deserves support in turn

Customer service reps are more than the friendly voice on the phone when a customer contacts your brand. They’re on the front lines when it comes to helping – and keeping – your customers. They deserve the best support and training possible so they can do their jobs. By investing in them, you’re investing in your customers’ success and happiness.

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