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10 Weekend Reads – The Big Picture

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of  coffee, grab a seat by the fire, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads:

The economy is roaring. Immigration is a key reason. Momentum in the job market picked up aggressively over the past year — all while Washington is deadlocked on a border deal (Washington Post)

The Errors Tour: How the Pros Bungled the End of Zero Interest Rates: A look at the ways forecasters, traders and executives missed the mark over the past two years. And at the lessons learned. (Markets)

The Friendship With Warren Buffett That Led to Her $1 Billion Donation: ‘I’ve never seen anybody behave better with a billion dollars.’ How a 93-year-old woman made a Bronx medical school tuition-free using Berkshire Hathaway stock. (Wall Street Journal)

These 10 Lenders Have Bet the Bank on Commercial Real Estate. Here’s How They’re Holding Up. In the wake of New York Community Bancorp’s selloff, Barron’s is examining banks with the highest concentration of commercial real estate loans. (Barron’s)

The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending: Anti-Semitism on the right and the left threatens to bring to a close an unprecedented period of safety and prosperity for Jewish Americans—and demolish the liberal order they helped establish. (The Atlantic)

Inside the Massive Repair Shops Where Subway Cars Go for a Makeover: An in-depth look at the process that overhauls every single wheel, motor, brake, axle, wire and door on every car in the New York City system. (New York Times

The Curious, Brilliant, Vanishing Mr. Feynman: From the Manhattan Project to the Challenger investigation, the physicist Richard Feynman loved to shoot down what he called “lousy ideas.” Today, the world is awash in lousy ideas — so maybe it’s time to get some more Feynman in our lives? (Freakonomics)

Feeling Awkward About Fill-in-the-Blank Social Obligation? Time to Get a Party Coach: A new kind of mentor-for-hire is helping digital natives overcome social anxiety. (GQ)

Five Teachings of the Dalai Lama I Try to Live By: Tibetan Buddhist wisdom you can use: 1. Serve the tea. 2. Show your teeth.3. Change places.4. Think, don’t just feel. 5. Let it go. (The Atlantic)

The 38 Best Food Movies of All Time: What to add to your Netflix queue when you want to feel really hungry (Eater)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Sean Dobson, Amherst Group CEO & CIO. The firm focuses on mortgage and  securitized products, as well as a real estate investment, management and operating platform. They manage $16.8 billion in mortgage-backed securities (MBS), Commercial Real Estate CRE), and single-family rentals.



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