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How To File A Insurance Claim For Water Damage

Your insurance carrier has 90 days to make a coverage determination meaning you will know where your claim is heading within three months. It is important to know that the insurance company will only pay for household materials of the same kind and quality as the damaged ones. If you choose to upgrade the flooring, the insulation, or anything else in your property you will have to pay the extra costs incurred out of pocket.

If you are unhappy with the amount your insurance carrier is valuing your damages at a professional water damage public adjuster can help recover the full amount you need to bring your home back to pre loss condition.

The question you need to ask yourself is. Would i represent myself in court? Would i file my taxes on my own? Would i apply for a mortgage by myself?

If the answer is NO you should really think about hiring proper representation when filing an insurance claim, don’t go up against a huge corporation with the resources on their side alone.



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